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Stephanie Chan

Amazing Canadian Queen of Geeks into technology, comics, toys, photography, video games, computers & all that good stuff! Podcasts and new projects are coming in 2012! Stay tuned!

Remember when floppy disks were 8 inches? Maybe you do, maybe not. But that’s the kind of new computer the Chan household had when baby Stephanie came home from the hospital. Back when no one really had a computer at home. You see, Stephanie's father was a tech guy in the 70s. Combine that with her mother’s passion for comic books and Stephanie developed a life long love of art and technology which set her on course for becoming a graphic and web designer. She’s put these talents to use on various projects, mostly colouring comic books and designing websites. 

2012 is a big year!  Already, Steph has for herself a unique position as a Social Media Wedding Consultant. Aside from already immersing herself in comic book coloring, wedding photography and web design, there's so much more to come with Stephanie Chan.  She is planning on selling some of her popular photographs as postcards and prints. Upcoming projects are 'Women Into Comics' as well as Steph's technology webcast!

In addition, Stephanie has a strong passion for photography and is rarely found without her camera and gearbag, whether on the city streets, chasing the Aurora Borealis (norther lights) or hiking around the mouths of volcanoes. 

Stephanie Chan's Background

Stephanie Chan's Experience

Producer at Techno Borealis

July 2012

Social Media Expert at Freelance

April 2010

Art Director at Sequential Tart

March 2010

Service Delivery Agent at Government of Canada

September 2007

Photographer at Freelance Photographer

June 2005

Web Developer at Freelance Web & Graphic Designer

January 2005

Comic Coloring, assistant and flatter at Freelance

January 1999

Stephanie Chan's Interests & Activities

web design, social media consultant, technology, podcasts, baking, cookies, comic books, colouring, coloring, photography, aurora borealis, northern lights, geek, video games, art, webmistress, canada, dancing, nendoroids, toys

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